D4B arrives in Spain!

Article D4B en Espagne

Since March, D4B has been in Spain!! Sofia Magin, our partnership manager is in charge of beginning our activity and setting up our services as well meeting with future partners. Located in the Mymonday premises in the heart of Barcelona, Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 99 it has a relaxed and sharing atmosphere which displays the vision and values of the business to its meetings. Available, versatile and dynamic, she’ll answer all questions related to our expertise.


Why Spain ?

A new and evolving market where D4B adapts to the client’s needs, looks for the best way to optimise its services to the needs of each user. A catalogue of full and adjustable services for any project. This activity sector is not very developed in Spain. In fact, few businesses realise the need to call in an expert to manage their terminals fleet. Deployment, exchange during a departure, control of telecoms bills or repair management in case of any problems… These problems become a real added value for each company that wants to give their teams 100% functional terminals.


A new clientele!

Above all, entering a new country is about knowing how to listen and adapt to the local clientele’s habits and needs. Today, smartphones are becoming an essential element for everyday life and especially in professional life.

Many employees are paralysed as a result of their phone breaking. The only way to remedy this and avoid a loss in productivity and efficiency is to carry out a repair on site. Or do an exchange in order to make the necessary adjustments later in an expert workshop. It’s why D4B seems essential to the correct functioning of a business!


Little tip + #official:

In July 2012, GSMA awarded Barcelona the title of “Mobile World Capital”.

As a result of this, the Spanish capital was the Mobile World Congress headquarters (which is a specialised mobile exhibition). It established an urban laboratory with new technologies applied to telephony. It was time for D4B to come to Spain!