D4B Mauritius, a professional favorite

Mauritius Island

Mauritius island is not only a perfect vacation spot but also a propitious environment where our management center is established. Mauritius is characterized by outstanding political stability. It is globally renowned for its excellent ethics and good governance. It has social and economic stability that attracts foreign investors. 

In 2016, France is the first investing country with more than 110 M€, which is one-third of the Foreign Direct Investment flow in Mauritius[1].

 According to the statistics of the French embassy in Mauritius for 2016.
Image source: https://immo-ile-maurice.com/5-merveilles-convaincre-investir-immobilier-ile-maurice/

Why did we choose Mauritius?

D4B Mauritius | HiTech Center

Certainly, our choice is primarily economic, but the Mauritian culture and empathetic reputation of its people should not be underestimated! In addition to their friendly character and hospitality, Mauritians have acquired an interesting cultural and linguistic diversity. They are bilingual and even trilingual, capable of dealing with clients of different nationalities. The peaceful environment peculiar to islanders has a significant impact on their professional skills.

However, Mauritian collaborators are not very familiar with the products and services that we offer. We assist and train them to allow them to adapt to their workstations and fully utilize their abilities.

They do not only manage the company’s hotline. They also operate in different sectors like marketing, human resources, management, customer relations, etc… and evolve within the company.

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/HiTechCenterMauritius/

Karen Chretien | Chief Financial Officer

Karen, a collaborator who joined D4B Mauritius 6 years ago as a customer service agent.

Energetic, curious and competent, today she is part of the board of management.

For D4B, Mauritius remains a professional favorite and the best strategic choice. It is the heart of our activity.

Hiba Khammouma

Communication manager
at SPOC    

Graduated from the Paris Sorbonne University, a passionate of human relations and communication, she now contributes to the creation of a new corporate culture and to the promotion of the Onboarding concept.