iPhone battery tips

Lots of articles sum up things and tips to implement to avoid damaging its battery, to optimise it but also to try and achieve a level of charge which will last throughout the day. Despite everything, it is difficult to differentiate the official information from “what’s said”, it’s why we’ve looked for reliable techniques which will be useful for you.

Discover our tips :

Article astuces batterie iphone>> Never let your battery get to zero, your iPhone digs into its reserves which causes a slowing down when you get below 20%.

>> Deactivate unnecessary settings, they take up a lot of battery especially when they are all on at the same time such as Wi-Fi, Siri, or Bluetooth.

>> Lower your screen brightness, very effective and good for your eyes!

>> Close apps once you’re finished with them, you just need to double click your “Home” button and you can access all the apps you’ve recently opened.

>> Reduce the automatic locking time, just go to Settings > Automatic locking > 30 sec/1 min.

>> Switch off your Location Sharing, by going to Settings > Privacy > Location service > When the app is active/never.

>> Activate Low Power Mode, your battery icon will then be orange and according to Apple, this setting can increase your battery life by three hours.

>> Limit the apps “eating” charge, such as Facebook, Safari, Instagram, which automatically refresh the page at any time to update the news feed. You can see the top 3 apps you use in Settings > General > Battery.

>> Activate the “Do Not Disturb” function, by sliding your finger to the top of the home screen, you can access the menu and just need to click the moon icon.

>> Switch your phone off at least once a week; give it a little rest…Article astuces batterie iphone

>> When you have more choice, put your phone in Airplane mode, it means you can’t use all the phone’s functions since all networks will be disconnected, but it gives your iPhone a little break and stops it performing updates or searches automatically.

Little tip + #official:
There’s no better source of information (even for us, it’s great) than the official manufacturer, Apple. Just click here.

Does the equipment play a role ?

Certainly! It’s important to charge your phone with official cables and on a conventional power supply. Be aware that the price of an Apple cable may seem expensive but despite this, it’s very important because a poor-quality charger affects your battery. The internal damage it causes can cause the battery to swell, cause malfunctions and slowdowns during your use, even if you have 40% left!
Also avoid connecting your phone to your car, turning on the ignition after plugging in the charging connector will trigger an “energy overload” that your iPhone may not support. As the sending of the charge isn’t optimal, your battery will be charged “on the surface” but not a deeper level, meaning it’ll hold charge for less time. We recommend you only use this type of charge in exceptional circumstances or in case of emergency.
Don’t use a poor quality external battery, it may seem effective as a troubleshooting solution, but it is just as harmful to your iPhone as a bad charger and will have the same effects…

« iPhone tip, iPhone tip…» , and if we’re not on Apple?

We don’t forget about you; we know that there’s lots of you… We’re thinking of you. It’s true that there are hundreds of articles on iPhone battery optimisation because they’re famous for not holding charge for long, or not lasting a whole day without an additional charge. Moreover, we hear less about this concern for other phones.

The golden rules applicable to iPhone are obviously applicable to any brand. Small effective and essential tips for the maintenance of your battery; turn it off once a week, close the apps you’re not using as you go, don’t let the battery fall to 0%, reduce the brightness, reduce the time of automatic locking, switch to black theme for interface, just go to Settings > Battery> Darken the interface, it will decrease the brightness and optimise your autonomy.

At Huawei they understood everything.

They offer an “Ultra” battery saving mode that you just have to activate to keep just the basic functions while “protecting” certain applications that you want to leave on in spite of everything. Basically, this feature performs all our tricks at the same time, in one click, wow the technology.
Apple created connection sharing, Huawei offers battery sharing… A bit like the sharing of “lifetime” in the movie Time Out, just go through Battery> Wireless Reverse Charge and set up a connection by putting your smartphone over your saviour’s and voilà! (This is really just a troubleshooting technique because the charging time is long so gives little independence.)

Little tip + #green: Think of the planet, recycle!
What do I do with a battery at the end of its life?

Don’t throw it in the bin ! Smartphone batteries are made from lithium-ion and contain dangerous metals which must be recycled. In France, there are two official bodies which exist to recycle used accumulators. They are Screlec and Corepile. Don’t hesitate to go to their websites to find out where their closest collection point to you is.