Notice to iPhone users!

Numerous articles summarize the tips and tricks concerning iPhone batteries. How to care for my battery or how to optimize it? These are the titles that instantly trigger Apple users. But are these pieces of information reliable?

Here’s a list of the top tips revealed by Apple to help you optimize your iPhone battery.
And that’s not a big deal!

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  •  Don’t let it drain to zero! 

At 20%, your battery is already low. To prevent your phone from slowing down, charge it before reaching 0%. By starting this habit, you will avoid problems in the long run.

  • Deactivate some settings, 

Wi-Fi, Siri, and Bluetooth use a lot of battery to function, so consider deactivating settings that are not useful to you.

  • Lower screen brightness,

Low brightness uses less battery and helps keep it cool.

  • Close the apps that you’re finished using, 

Consider running one app at a time to save maximum battery.

  • Limit the automatic locking time,

Reduce the automatic locking time at least to 1min to allow your screen to rest when not in use.

  • Turn off location, 

Location needs a lot of energy to share your specific position so enable this setting only when necessary.

  • Disable background apps,

Facebook, Instagram or Gmail use a significant amount of battery to refresh pages or display notifications. If you don’t use them much, consider deleting them. Or else, try to log out after every session.

  • Do not disturb,

Phone apps need battery to display notifications. The Do not disturb setting can help save energy by blocking them.

  • Airplane mode,

The Airplane Mode is very efficient as it turns off all your connections to keep your battery full for longer. Your phone will not undergo updates or any automatic searches.

  • The Battery saving mode,

This setting automatically reduces screen brightness to make your battery last longer, that is 3 more hours of battery life!Article astuces batterie iphone

  • Switch off once a week,

Nothing better than rest! Yes, even the phone needs to sleep, so choose a day during the week to switch off.

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If you wish to contact Apple for any advice or questions about battery maintenance, just click here.

Or why not come to us? We can help too!

Be careful, accessories are also important!

It is recommended to use original cables and AC chargers to charge an iPhone. It can be costly but worth it as a poor-quality charger can have negative impacts on your battery in the long run: it can puff up, cause your phone to malfunction or slow down during use.

Also, avoid plugging your phone to your car to charge it. The energy charge provided by a vehicle is more powerful than that of a phone charger which can damage your battery with time. Besides, this is not an optimal energy charge, which means that your iPhone will receive a limited amount of battery life that will not last long. It is therefore recommended to rely on this technique only in cases of emergency.

And not to mention, external batteries. Like cables and chargers, it is necessary to use good quality ones to protect your phone battery at the very most.

And what about non-Apple users?

We got your back too! There are indeed more articles about iPhones than any other brands but it’s a fact, iPhone batteries don’t last long… But it’s possible to consider Apple tips for any other phones. If you want to use your battery longer without charging multiple times, you can try these tips. We must admit it, we all hate these low battery alerts…

Huawei knows it all.

An “Ultra” battery saving mode, that is what the brand added to enable users to not only use basic settings on their phones but also their favourites without losing battery life. Just activate it while using your phone. Huawei also introduced the wireless power-sharing technology. You can now charge your phone by sharing energy from one phone to another.

Note that this is only a quick emergency technique, so don’t expect more battery life than with a typical charger.

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How to get rid of a damaged battery?

Don’t throw it in the bin ! Smartphone batteries are made from lithium-ion and contain dangerous metals which must be recycled. In France, there are two official bodies which exist to recycle Don’t throw it to the bin! Batteries contain dangerous substances that pollute. This is why organisms have been specially established to recycle this particular type of waste. Some names to remember:  Screlec and Corepile. Feel free to visit their websites to find the collection points that are nearest to you.