Patrick Sayavong

Service Delivery Manager

Service Delivery Manager_ Patrick

Patrick Sayavong | Service Delivery Manager

We recently welcomed Patrick, Service Delivery Manager at the headship of our clients REXEL and SAINT-GOBAIN. On the other side, he is a family’s patriarch and contributes in the voluntary sector as the General Secretary of a Self Defence club, where he teaches Krav Maga. 

Your professional journey so far?

I have been working in Digital Service Companies like HELPLINE and its subsidiaries such as EXPERTEAM for quite a few years now. I have held positions such as System and network administrator, workstation engineer, project manager, production supervisor, transition, or delivery manager…

Among the clients for whom he worked, we can find Louis Vuitton, BNP Paribas, Société Générale or Banque de France, some of which are familiar to D4B.

Your feelings regarding your induction?

” I am starting in a very particular context, between the pandemic and reorganization of the company. I think that the turmoil is most at D4B’s level than mine… I don’t know how D4B used to be, but we will build something new and grow all together!

What are your first impressions of the company?

” Young, active, all driven and willing to do well, with a very acute notion of client satisfaction. It is rare to see a boss who knows how to take care for his collaborators today. 

Service delivery Manager

What are your responsibilities as a Service Delivery Manager ?

I manage the organization and management of one or more teams, within a multi-client or multi-activity scope on one or more sites. I ensure that production achievements are met as well as the financial objectives of the contract. I am also in charge of supervising and relaying the company’s HR policy, optimising, and enlivening customer relationship in a proactive logic and contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality of service. I also lead projects while ensuring transitions.

The Delivery Manager’s main activities are therefore to :

  • Define the needs and organize the resources of the production system,
  • Analyse the operative and financial statistics of client accounts,
  • Or build action plans.

Do you know anything about Mauritius? As a manager, how do you plan to manage your team remotely?

Concerning Mauritius, I don’t know much apart from photos. For management, there are some techniques that I started to apply. And most importantly, I am nothing on my own, I need relays (like Guillaume, team leader in Mauritius), who I consider as « my eyes and ears ». But above all, people should be empowered.

How do you want to contribute to the improvement of the quality of service ?

Quality of service can only be reached through the support to and evolution of collaborators. Today we have the means, but it is necessary to effectively train collaborators both on the technical side and on management. There are several work streams and many possible directions. That remains to be seen…

My goal? Bring a new perspective with the skills I acquired throughout my career to support D4B. To say it in simple words, bring my building block to D4B.

Thanks to Patrick for participating to this interview. We wish him again a warm welcome at Digital4Business and an enriching journey with us !

Kathleen Rémy

Content Creator

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