Teleworking at D4B : adjustement to new challenges

We all embraced it. A new lifestyle or the most popular hashtag on the Internet, teleworking became a real global trend. Only yesterday, this workstyle was almost non-existent in certain companies, but with the recent scale that has taken the COVID-19 crisis, it became a winning strategy to combine security and business continuity.

In a proactive approach, at Digital4Business, we quickly took the lead to switch to teleworking as soon as possible. For some of our collaborators, working from home is no novelty while some others are experiencing something brand new.

Here are some experiences shared by our collaborators who talk about their different feelings and work methodologies in quarantine:


Productivity and connection

Working at home gives more freedom and comfort, and to stay motivated and productive, everyone has their own recipes. Along with that, connection is the watchword in all our different teams to not only maintain good functioning but also the ties amongst members.

In terms of organization, what is your method?

“I define my to-dos at the beginning of the day to ensure that I don’t run around. I set little goals to myself during the day and try to stick to them.”

And within your team?

“We motivate each other. Sometimes, I check on my colleagues to see how quarantine’s going for them. We have a Skype group chat with every member of the team, and we plan regular meetings to make an audit of the current situation, to define our work in progress.”

Your feelings about teleworking?

I enjoy the fact of not having to waste time on the way to the office. There’s no more stress about being late. However, I dislike the lack of contact between coworkers

Team leader
How do you motivate yourself?

“I think that the idea of having the option to work at home while some others cannot, that’s a motivational factor. Abiding to the rules, going through our to-do list, providing maximum assistance and all that from our personal space, that encourages productivity.

Otherwise, I follow the same planning I usually do at the office while keeping in touch with my coworkers.”

How do you function within your team?

“I had the chance of sensitizing my team before switching to teleworking. They’re all aware that communication is key to good functioning and we favor calls and screen sharing to avoid any misinterpretation.”

What do you think of teleworking?

I love the fact of not having to wake up early in the morning to go to the office and personal comfort. But I miss physical interaction with my team members.

Project manager
How do you manage your team remotely?

 “I exchange a lot with my team, especially with those who are managing a project. We remain professional with a little bit of humor, while keeping an eye on our common goals.”

In terms of connection?

“I organize briefings in the beginning or middle of the day depending on the load to be distributed. Then I keep tracks of subjects through follow-up calls via Skype to ensure that everyone’s getting along with their assigned tasks and help them with any difficulty they encounter.”

How do you keep them motivated during this time ?

“They are open about their good mood, energy and in return I help them to look further regardless the difficulties related to society’s actual situation (possibility of temporary lay-offs, etc.) because they are conscious about it.”

Teleworking, what do you think?

“I love the fact of having more time in the morning before starting to work. However, for me, working from home means spending almost all day in my room beyond the fact of being stuck at home due to quarantine. I’m the kind of person that loves human interaction and teleworking on the long run can quickly become stifling.”

Adjustment and customer service

In terms of customer service, we noticed the advent of new types of requests and consequently, new strategies are required in order to maintain service continuity and stand by all our commitments.

Service director
How did you manage the reorganization to keep operating and respond to client requests on schedule?

“The most difficult period was the fitting in teleworking. We needed to be responsive, and reply to unprecedented needs like home delivery, provision of equipment for teleworking, that we usually don’t manage…

We maintained our habits with committees and reporting, so that the quality of service remains the same.”

And about remote team management?

“At D4B, we’re all very familiar to communication tools like Teams. Throughout the year, we work at more than 10,000 km away from each other! We stayed the course, and we organize frequent meetings to see how the situation’s evolving: on the customer’s side and on ours or even around the world!”

How’s the workshop doing?

“We maintained a voluntary team for service continuity. We have given a financial boost to salaries and narrowed our time frame.”

And with the children/the house, how do you manage?

“Luckily, the dad is helping me care for the children. But organization is necessary because our little ones are even more active when they are locked in!”

We keep the pace…

Adjustment, mutual aid , despite the crisis, our teams remain united and organized everyday during quarantine to maintain the good functioning of the company, but especially to maintain proximity  with each one of our clients.

Kathleen Rémy

Content Creator 

at Digital4Business

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