Digital 4 Business is proud to present SPOC, its brand new service dedicated to onboarding new employees. Our aim is to help you easily integrate new team members by offering them a smooth, seamless onboarding experience.

Introducing SPOC

SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) is a digital platform that enables companies to simplify the entire onboarding process. From sending out employment contracts to presenting the company and training new employees, SPOC offers a personalized and efficient approach to facilitating the integration of new employees.

SPOC Objective

SPOC's main objective is to reduce the time needed to integrate new employees, while improving their onboarding experience. Thanks to this platform, you can offer your new employees a transparent and efficient onboarding process, enabling them to better understand the company culture and feel at ease from the moment they arrive.

SPOC also offers greater flexibility by enabling employees to connect to the platform from any device, at any time. New employees can access important information and documents online, as well as training videos, enabling them to quickly familiarize themselves with their new role and working environment.

In short, with SPOC, Digital 4 Business offers you an innovative solution to facilitate the onboarding of your new employees, while providing them with a smooth and personalized integration experience.

A memorable experience for your employees

Thanks to this service, your new recruits already feel part of your company, even before they take up their position, and that's good for your turnover and your employer brand!

Set up your Welcome Kit

Rather than offering goodies that will end up at the bottom of a drawer, we leave it up to new colleagues to decide what goes into their kits.

The IT onboarding everyone dreams of

Give your future employees the freedom to choose their equipment, whether new or reconditioned, and decide whether they prefer home or branch delivery.

A dedicated Business Desk

A support team will be on hand to help your teams configure their equipment and assist them later when they encounter technical problems.

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